The Giant is like a long breath … close your eyes and it seems to open in your mind a new way of looking… which is not just seeing, perceiving, seeing … that looking is like devouring with the eyes all the life that illuminates you around and inside … and you can’t tell.

The Giant is light … light that blazes everywhere, who chastises the fearful shadow, like the sea or like a finger in the water while stirring fate and you’re there, like a challenge … seraphic wait for the tide and you only notice the horizon he entered you, he climbed over you … to run arrogantly towards an infinite neighbor.

Giants are like warm words on their lips, they are listened by touching them slowly, trying to follow the direction of the skin … by being born in the palm of the hands the warmth of a desire that has no patience … and quivers, until the tremor climbs to the nape of the neck and then pull back … as if to curb the impetus and and tell you, with meat, what you are made of.