Is it really impossible to trap life in inert matter?

Creation out of itself, for a continuous deployment. Yet still dialectical and imprisonment. Then, the gathering of legs and back on oneself, in an attempt to learn (to feel the physical effort of the articulation of the limbs elastically and hardly almost in compression) and in the immediate succession the hard composure and the hard turning of a head painfully into tries to withdraw from this merciless determination of being. Brutal. Essentiality of a naked condition: and the body is the instrumental instrument of this contrition so pure in the tortuous act of trying to mirror itself externally, in the afterlife of things, of the Other, of the more immediate circumscriptions and metaphysical places, for the attempt even only least to see their own conception. Each plastic – and anciently metallic – scapula tremor is mechanically reflected within the space structure, yielding to it as it tries to tear itself away from the hard concept in its still insane, unconscious offer.

But the mystical and loving contrition that for purity and stubbornness is close to Rodin, and that for primitive split is Marinian, constitutes the work of art situated on the dense and always excessive border between sign and possibility.