An exhibition of monumental sculptures by Cristiano Alviti, an artist who uses bronze fusion to express the power of his Roman spirit and the intensity of plastic matter and figurative art – which are typical traits of all his artistic production.


The exhibition will feature a selection of sculpted heads (6 to 7) whose sizes range between 60x35x80cm to 90x60x80cm, sculpted male bodies (5 to 8) with sizes ranging between 90x90x90cm and 140x140x140cm, and 190x60x50cm torsos (2 to 3). All these works are the result of the “I Giganti” (The Giants) sculpture study project, and they are going to adorn the squares outside of institutions’ buildings and the gallery. During his stay in Hong Kong, Alviti will also create a number of small engravings (all numbered, monotype works) which will then be sold in the gallery.


On the occasion of his first artistic appearance in Hong Kong, Cristiano Alviti presents a selection from the Giganti exhibition. The selection includes bronze fusion bodies, heads and busts – some polished, some unpolished, others still dirty from the smelting works. Although the human body is the core of all these sculptures, Cristiano Alviti was able to bring together the concept of immortality (through shredded and empty sculptures) and the essence of art and humanity (through the use of bronze). The Gigante is a torn body stretching out along a series of crooked lines in different, diverging directions, in a perpetual vital impetus, both intuitive and overwhelming, which absorbs the past and seethes with the future.

The bronze fusion bears its own history and its warmth; its patina represents the passing of time and the invariability of the “moment”, as bronze-working has not essentially changed in thousands of years. These fusions embody an idea: the expression of the individual’s and of society’s hidden potential through the representation of faces in pain and bodies trapped inside invisible cubes that represent the constraints and the compromises to which any individual must submit to in order to survive.

Cristiano Alviti’s sculptures bring together millenary cultures in which the passing of time permeates the present in a virtuous game of “being able to do” and “being able to feel”.


The artwork is to be on display in the gallery as well as in the public squares for 4 to 6 weeks.

The host gallery would finance the edition of an institutional catalogue on the “I Giganti” study project illustrating the working of the patinas, the smelting works, a number of works by Michelangelo and Rodin which have inspired Cristiano Alviti’s creations, and pictures of the finished sculptures that were selected for the exhibition along with captions and introductions in Italian, English and Chinese. The host gallery would also bear the costs for setting up and dismantling the exhibition, for posting the invitations and for the event’s vernissage.

The artist will bear the sea freight costs to Hong Kong and back, and the road freight costs to the gallery and back for transporting the artwork. The Artwork will travel in padded wooden boxes, in compliance with the regulations on transportation of artwork.

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